Our Services

Through strategic partnerships with affiliate firms that specialize in functional areas such as estimating, scheduling and other related disciplines, Embarcadero Advisors has successfully provided the following services for our clients:


Embarcadero Advisors concentrates on creating superior investor and partner returns while consistently mitigating downside risk. Our strategy utilizes expert industry knowledge to analyze and act on opportunities that culminate in favorable transactions.


Debt & Equity Sourcing

Our financial advisors combine decades of experience with an owner's approach to offer a variety of loan structures and creative financing options to optimize our clients’ business objectives.

Leaseback Structuring

Through our partnerships with highly effective property law firms, we create unique and creative solutions to meet the business needs of both owners and users.


Asset Management

Our team of experienced Asset Managers takes an owners' approach to optimize and protect your real estate assets through strategic financial planning, due diligence, building enhancement programs, and detailed reporting.

Property Management

Embarcadero Advisors specializes in creating a tailored property management plan to meet the unique operational and occupancy requirements of our clients. Our team takes a holistic approach that encompasses everything from day-to-day operations to leasing and financial reporting.

Brokerage (Leasing) Services

Fostering strong relationships is the core of our leasing strategy. Our expertise in market trends and tenant mixes allows us to guide owners to make informed financial decisions that increase and preserve value in their assets.


Our construction and project management services utilize strategic partnerships combine local knowledge and industry expertise. From land acquisition, entitlements, build to suit, fee development to lease-purchase, we create a comprehensive custom plan to meet each clients’ unique needs.